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Hello everyone my name is Frank Salmon I've been an Archaeologist, Professional Miner, Historian, Diver and Dowser for over 30 years now. I've truly walked the way of the Conquistadors, the 49er's, the Pirates, the Outlaws and the Ancients. I've spent many years looking for, learning about and researching the great legends and history of our past. 

To hold that history in your hands has always been a truly amazing thing to me, to feel the history running through your fingers to smell it, to see it. Who will ever know what discoveries they could have made unless they seek and uncover this history and knowledge, maybe you?


This website is for those who want to further their understanding in the Historical and Mineral possibilities that are out there such as Precious Metals, Gemstones, Lost Treasures, Ancient Cultures and the Beautiful locations and places to discover, this world has much to offer. Much more than you might think.

 I truly believe that Treasure Hunters and Archaeologist can work together, all it takes is understanding, cooperation, communication and knowledge. The future holds many possibilities of cooperation that eventually may bring history to light that's been hidden for ages.

The list of documented Historical, Mineral and Mining locations is endless, we won't run out of gold and gems to hunt or history to discover any time soon I can tell you that. It takes research and patience you will eventually find what you seek, you just have to know exactly where you are going before you set out for your quest.


 The closer you can get the better, it's kind of like putting together a puzzle if it's missing a lot of pieces you can't really see the complete picture can you? If you were going to take a trip to an unknown place you would take a map wouldn't you?

Very few of us truly understands the vast and rich history that the cultures before us have left behind as well as the possibilities of rich minerals and treasures that await them. The more knowledge and understanding you have the better your chances are of finding success in either Mining, Archaeology, Paleontology, Treasure Hunting, Collecting, Photography, Nature or whatever your interest are.

 They say knowledge is power and it truly can be but only if applied, you have to use that knowledge or what good is it?? I believe true knowledge should be shared with everyone to better mankind.

For over 37 years I've made many amazing discoveries and I've shown others how to do so as well with much success. I've worked in about every type of precious metal mining and historical situation out there I've ran private assaying labs involved in the evaluation and identification of many elements.

 I've also assisted in and founded major Archaeological and Historical projects. I ran my own Gold Dredging and Placer Mining operations in the US for over 25 years. I've truly seen and done things that few can imagine, but the Biggest adventures in my own life are still ahead.


 I have a deep love and passion for the outdoors and history. I also enjoy assisting others in their research, exploration and recovery of their own projects, if I can help I'm happy to do so. It can't be all about the money, there are more important things in the experiences we have in life. Don't get me wrong though it's nice to get paid.

If you have any needs involved in historical research, evaluation, surveying, geophysical and geological explorations, field investigations, expedition planning, understanding what process may be suited for your situation, buying or selling a mining property or how to start a mining situation or expedition of any type please let me know, I'm happy to help. If I don't know the answer I probably know someone who does.

Choose the right technology and spend a few bucks it's worth it in the end. I'm using an eltro-magnetic imager a technology that enables me to evaluate what's underground in real time 3-D imagery for over 200 feet plus, any disturbance in the magnetic field and I can map the anomally.


I also use the latest metal detection and (GPR) and Electromagnetic technology giving me Amazing abilities to quickly identify and understand my target. Some of the dowsing techniques and processes I use today can be considered a dying art, dowsing works. The more tools you have the better I say, but the right tools.


I have a clear understanding of what it takes to start a mining operation or historical project from the ground up, from the smallest operation using a simple sluice box and testing and sampling an area to moving 100 to 1000 tons an hour or more processing large amounts of material.

It's hard to find trustworthy people that can steer you not only in the right direction but a legal, profitable and safe one as well. If your involved in a project that requires a Geologist, Archaeologist, Paleontologist, Land Surveyor or if you need help involved in research of any type please let me know. Research is the key to the success of your project the more you know the better. The more research that is done to verify what you are looking for the closer you will be to making an amazing discovery.

            Do not give up no matter what you do!


Make sure you check out all the links on this site first, you just may find the answers your looking for. If not let me know and I'll find the answer for you, if I can. There is a link to just about any information you can imagine involved in almost every aspect of Mining, Treasure Hunting, Geology, Archaeology, Dowsing, Ancient and Lost Civilizations, Technology and everything in between.

I enjoy helping others and seeing them learn and take interest in their history and culture. By better understanding our past we can and must make a better future for ourselves, well hopefully anyway, remember "Life Is An Adventure."

Yours Truly,

Frank Salmon

          Mining Consultant, Dowser, Adventurer

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